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Our Impact

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Central City Concern is ending homelessness by treating the whole person, as a person. Each year, more than 13,000 people turn to us for compassionate support to become self-sufficient and productive.

The factors that contribute to homelessness are complex. A web of structural weaknesses and individual circumstances surrounds our clients, leaving them vulnerable at many points in their lives. We draw on more than 40 years of front-line experience to provide the help people need when they need it most.

CCC’s approach addresses both the systemic drivers of homelessness and the individual factors that can reinforce it. We help our clients overcome barriers such as lack of affordable housing, health care and living-wage jobs, systemic racism, mental health challenges, chronic health conditions, substance use disorders, and time spent in the justice system. And everything we do rests on our foundational belief in the restorative power of human connection and dignity.

Empowered by our staff, donors, partners and volunteers, we’re creating a proven solution for our community — one person at a time.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Central City Concern helps those struggling with life’s biggest problems end or avoid homelessness and build healthy, housed, resilient, and engaged lives. Our vision is a connected community where all our neighbors have access to housing, health and economic opportunity. Together, we will end homelessness.

Our values are the principles and beliefs at the heart of our organization. They describe our priorities, our areas of focus and how we want to show up in the world. Learn more about them here.

Integrated Support

No one experiences homelessness the same way, and the path from vulnerability to stability is not always linear. CCC’s integrated approach addresses the whole person, meeting our clients where they are and helping them get back on track at any point.

The support we offer may include primary health care, job training or low-cost and supportive housing. Or it might also include counseling for mental health issues or substance use disorder, or help transitioning into the community after incarceration. For many of the people we serve, it includes all of these services and more.

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Comprehensive Services


We offer many types of affordable and transitional housing, combined with programs to help recently homeless people overcome barriers to permanent housing.

In 2023 we:

    • Maintained 2,370 units of affordable housing in 30 properties across Portland.
    • Placed 4,951 residents in housing.
    • Served 661 people re-entering the community after incarceration.
    • Supported 2,776 people in managing substance use disorders through recovery housing.

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Health Care

CCC is a Federally Qualified Health Center and provides services at multiple locations. Our providers meet our patients where they are, offering judgment-free treatment and support.

In 2023 we:

    • Delivered health care to 11,135 people in need. Of those patients, 9,818 were homeless when they sought care.
    • Cared for 10,889 patients seeking primary and preventive care.
    • Treated 4,139 patients in need of mental health support.

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CCC’s recovery programs help our clients with alcohol and substance use disorders get stabilized and achieve long term sobriety through treatment, peer support and counseling.

In 2023 we:

  • Helped 6,990 people manage substance use disorder.
  • Offered withdrawal management and stabilization services to 3,212 people at Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center.
  • Treated 1,435 people through medication-supported recovery with Suboxone or similar medications.

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Our staff works one-on-one with clients to help them find meaningful employment by addressing barriers, building skills and offering training opportunities.

In 2023 we:

  • Helped 1,310 job seekers with employment assistance.
  • Provided job counseling, training and computer access to more than 1,092 people at our Employment Access Center. 690 people found employment through the EAC.

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Culturally Specific Support

CCC has four programs that incorporate group customs, history and social practices into our support services. The Imani Center provides recovery and treatment services through an Afrocentric lens. Puentes offers an inclusive recovery environment for our Latinx clients. Flip the Script assists our Black clients who have been recently released from prison as they re-enter the community. Our newest program, Karibu, provides individualized, culturally specific stabilization and treatment preparation (STP) services for Black/African American adults (18+) who are involved or at-risk of involvement with the criminal justice system and have behavioral health needs.

In 2023 we provided culturally specific services to 598 clients through Imani, Puentes, Flip the Script and Karibu.

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To learn more about CCC’s full impact, read our 2023 Annual Report.

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Ralph’s story

Not that long ago, Ralph was running out of chances after failing to kick his meth habit and stop drinking. Today, he’s sober and has a good job making COVID-19 face shields for hospital workers — all thanks to the long-term support he found through CCC’s recovery, housing, health and employment services.

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