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Housing at CCC

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Everyone in Portland needs a place to call home. Yet the gap between rents and incomes continues to widen, particularly for people living on the edge. Our economy is still pushing people into homelessness faster than we can help. Racial disparities persist and more people report being chronically homeless or struggling with a disability, particularly among those who sleep outside.

By combining housing with wraparound health services, providing jobs, and upgrading buildings with green technology, CCC’s programs are transforming neighborhoods and changing lives.

To address our city’s shortage of affordable housing, we have expanded Portland’s housing supply through new developments. In 2019 we opened Hazel Heights, Blackburn Center and Charlotte B. Rutherford Place. These three buildings are integral to our Housing is Health initiative, a pioneering commitment from local hospitals and health systems to supportive, affordable housing. These projects bring the total number of our housing units to more than 2,100.

We offer a wide range of housing based on the Housing First model. Our clients can choose among options such as:

  • Low-barrier housing.
  • Alcohol- and drug-free recovery housing.
  • Housing for people struggling with mental health challenges.
  • Housing for individuals recovering from hospitalization.
  • Housing for recently reunited families.
  • Housing for people who have been recently employed and are moving toward self-sufficiency.

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More than a roof over your head

We know combining housing with wraparound health services is paramount to success for our clients. Nearly 50% of our supportive housing units are alcohol- and drug-free, giving newly recovering people a safe haven to heal and grow stronger.

Combined with supportive services, our housing is a successful and cost-effective way to help people stabilize their lives and rejoin society.

Specific program housing, including re-entry housing, makes up approximately 35% of our portfolio. This housing option is designed for people who are recently homeless and/or newly engaged in treatment and recovery or recently released from incarceration. It combines housing with intensive case management and employment services and provides the stability necessary to build a new life. We provide housing and employment services to veterans through the Veterans Grant & Per Diem Program.

CCC’s family housing units offer a safe space for children to grow up. In 2019, 332 families with children lived in our supportive housing units, where they could take advantage of parenting and financial skills classes.

Finally, nearly 60% of our portfolio is made up of permanent, affordable homes available to Portlanders who need an added layer of assistance.

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Housing Development

CCC is a proven and experienced developer, owner, and manager of housing and medical facilities for very-low-income people. We currently own and/or manage 34 buildings in the Portland metropolitan area. These projects include medical facilities, historic renovations, use conversions and new construction.

CCC specializes in mixed-financing developments including New Market and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, tax-exempt bonds, and a variety of local and federal funding sources. We prioritize sustainable development and energy efficiency in all of our projects, which have received green building certifications such as LEED Gold and Earth Advantage.

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New Development Projects

The Westwind Apartments

Located in the heart of Old Town Portland at 355 NW 6th Avenue, The Westwind Apartments is our newest development combining deeply affordable housing with commercial space. The building will be home to 100 new apartments, providing permanently supportive housing for chronically homelessness and low-income individuals.

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Architectural rendering of The Westwind Apartments

River Haven

Located at 5019 NE 102nd Avenue, the CCC Recovery Hotel is a former 70-room motel that CCC will convert into supportive transitional housing for people in the early stages of recovery.

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Photo of CCC Recovery Hotel in NE Portland.

Crescent Court Apartments

Adjacent to Cedar Commons at 11560 SE Division Street in Portland, Crescent Court Apartments will be home to 138 apartments for low- and very-low-income families, communities of color, and immigrants and refugees.

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Concept rendering of Crescent Court complex

Looking for housing? Call 503-525-8483 for assistance.

For more information about CCC’s development activities (not for general housing inquiries), please contact:

Mary-Rain O’Meara
Director of Real Estate Development
Central City Concern

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