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CCC Values

Our organization has worked closely with community members and CCC staff to shape our values. How did we decide on these six values? We interviewed individual staff members, conducted focus groups, and issued an employee-wide survey. Over 500 employees provided data that shaped our values into what they are today.  Our values are the principles and beliefs at the heart of our organization. They describe our priorities, our areas of focus, and how we want to show up in the world. They function as a gauge to inform our strategic prioritization and resource allocation. Our values will also guide what happens when there is conflict or a difference of opinion and we seek a resolution. Our values create a foundation for how we hold each other accountable and guide how we treat each other both inside and outside our organization.

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Our values are:

Safety maroon arrow pointing right

  • We acknowledge everyone has their own definition of safety. This includes but is not limited to emotional, physical and psychological safety.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility between our staff, our clients, and our community and we recognize that safety is foundational at all levels of our work. ​
  • When we see something, we say something.

Collaboration maroon arrow pointing right

  • We share a commitment to achieving success for our clients, each other, our teams and our organization.
  • We are honest and open in our communications.
  • When teams work together, we remove barriers and achieve our mission.​ We can count on one another.​

Learning maroon arrow pointing right

  • We learn by doing. We do better, by learning. ​
  • We seek and accept feedback from our clients, staff and each other to help us continuously improve.
  • We are committed to our professional development. We learn as an individual, as a team, and as an organization.

Equity maroon arrow pointing right

  • We are social justice advocates – we promote policies and provide services consistent with our commitment to equity, anti-racism, and climate justice.
  • We advance health equity by removing barriers so that our staff, clients, and community have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.
  • We value one another as equal members of our society. No one is more or less than the other.

Sustainability maroon arrow pointing right

  • We manage our human, financial, and environmental resources wisely.
  • We strive for excellence and deliver quality services that drive sustainable outcomes.
  • We are ethical, responsible and accountable to the people we serve, to our community, and to each other.

Compassion maroon arrow pointing right

  • We treat each person with dignity and respect and believe in the inherent value of all individuals.
  • We meet people where they are.
  • We take care of one another, and ourselves.
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