Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

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When it comes to racial equity and social justice, we walk the talk.

CCC’s success hinges on our ability to invest in underserved communities, shrink gaps in income and health care, and meet the individual needs of the clients we serve.

While homelessness can happen to anyone, racial inequities limit access to affordable housing, behavioral health care and living-wage jobs. This leads to higher numbers of Black, Indigenous and other people of color in Portland’s homeless population.

There is a long history of systemic oppression, stigmatization and criminalization of these communities. We know that dismantling these systems is the work not of days or weeks, but of decades.

CCC is committed to removing barriers and advancing equity for the BIPOC community we serve by:

  • Improving how we deliver culturally responsive services.
  • Advocating for systemic change.
  • Broadening our community partnerships.
  • Prioritizing equity in our organization.

How we’re accountable

This work requires rapid action now, coupled with years of ongoing commitment. We’re taking the following steps to center anti-racism in our work:

  • Creating an anti-racism response team to support equity at all levels of our organization.
  • Developing an “Interrupting Oppression” policy to respond to racism and oppression experienced by CCC staff, clients and residents.
  • Engaging our staff through town halls, surveys and anti-racism reflection circles that elevate Black voices.
  • Developing strong culturally specific and culturally responsive programs for BIPOC and other marginalized groups.
  • Training all staff on issues of anti-racism and equity. This includes an introduction to equity work and deeper workshops on structural racism.
  • Identifying policy and funding issues rooted in discrimination, then working with elected officials and community partners to address them.
  • Increasing diversity among our staff, managers, executives and board by investing in recruitment, professional growth and retention. We aim for CCC to reflect the varied backgrounds of the people we serve.
  • Including equity and anti-racism in our criteria for working with outside vendors.
  • Setting specific goals and timelines to uphold our anti-racist commitments.

Help end homelessness

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