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Get Out The Vote!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is the general election.

You have until October 27 to safely return your ballot by mail, so now is the time to vote. After October 27, be sure to get your ballot to your nearest drop box to make sure it’s turned in on time and counted. If you’re outside the Portland metro area, use this statewide drop box locator.

CCC has endorsed two statewide measures on the November ballot. Both are critical to serving our communities: CCC believes voting is important, civic involvement and using your voice through voting is critical. Remember to vote the whole ballot. There are many important races and measures for you to consider.

  • YES on Measure 110 – Drug Treatment and Recovery Act. Measure 110 decriminalizes simple possession of illegal drugs
    and reallocates some marijuana taxes towards recovery services and treatment. We need a health care approach to health care needs. This is an opportunity to put more funds into recovery services. With the impacts of COVID-19 and the economic downturn, we need to protect and invest in treatment and recovery.
  • YES on Measure 108 – Yes for a Healthy Future. Measure 108 raises new funds for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) through
    a dedicated increase in tobacco taxes. OHP is one of the most important safety net services our community has to offer. Keeping OHP financially sound ensures more people can find stability in their health care. OHP is a lifeline in our state, allowing people to access primary care, dental care and behavioral health supports, at a time when health care is needed now more than ever.

Earlier this month CCC hosted candidate forums for the City of Portland races. You can listen into the candidates discuss homelessness, economic stability, housing and community safety.

If you have not received your ballot, or if you have misplaced it you can get a replacement. Check your Multnomah County Elections Department for details and any other questions you might have to make sure your vote is counted.

Make a PLAN. Be PREPARED. VOTE by November 3!


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