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River Haven

5019 NE 102nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97220

River Haven is a unique recovery community that integrates housing, enhanced intensive outpatient behavioral health treatment and peer support services into a supportive recovery environment. With 65 rooms, clients receive compassionate addiction treatment and mental health services while living at River Haven for six to nine months.


The River Haven Clinic specializes in enhanced intensive outpatient treatment integrated with supportive housing. While clients live at River Haven, they will see our team every day for up to 19 hours of services per week. Services may include:

  • A treatment plan based on your individual needs
  • Individual substance use disorder and mental health therapy
  • Recovery group therapy 
  • Psychosocial skill development 
  • Individualized peer support 
  • Case management services
  • Employment services
  • Individualized peer support
  • Employment services

Who We Serve

River Haven residents must be receiving substance use disorder treatment at the River Haven Clinic, Puentes or the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) in order to receive housing at River Haven.

  • 35 rooms are dedicated to CCC clients referred to the River Haven Clinic. The River Haven Clinic accepts referrals from Multnomah PATH and CCC’s early recovery programs, including Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center, Blackburn Recovery Housing Program, Richard L. Harris Building (8X8), and Recovery Mentor Program. Only staff members from these programs can submit referrals to the River Haven Clinic via referral protocol.
  • 15 rooms are dedicated to clients receiving treatment at Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA), which is a long-standing partner of CCC’s and serves Native American community members with culturally specific recovery programs.
  • 15 rooms are dedicated to clients receiving treatment at Puentes, a CCC program that offers Latinx community members culturally specific recovery support programs.

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