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Recuperative Care Program

Evergreen Crossing
8225 NE Wasco St.
Portland, OR, 97220

Phone: (503) 517-0321
Fax: (503) 243-2044

MondayFriday, 8 am to 5 pm
Holiday Hours

Since 2005, the Recuperative Care Program (RCP) has served thousands of individuals, with over 65% resolving their acute medical condition, over 90% engaging with a primary care provider upon program exit and over 60% transitioning into stable housing.

Located at Evergreen Crossing, RCP delivers crucial medical recuperation services to low-income and homeless individuals following hospitalization. Through comprehensive health care access, transitional housing, and intensive case management, RCP enhances health outcomes, reduces homelessness, and streamlines hospital operations.

RCP features a diverse, dedicated team including patient navigators skilled in social work, mental health, and public health, RN care managers, housing specialists focused on transition planning, and logistics and facility staff.

Service Delivery Model

Program participants are referred to RCP from a hospital or an outpatient community health setting. Patients stay at Evergreen Crossing where they receive:

  • Daily client monitoring, including social contact and access to various resources geared to address social determinants of health.  
  • Access to primary care at Evergreen Crossing. 
  • Secure transitional housing, including personal hygiene supplies, and options for nutritional support. 
  • Support in making and keeping appointments with agency and non-CCC health care providers (including support with transportation resources). 
  • Transition planning, including follow up monitoring, ongoing case management and assistance securing medically appropriate placement or treatment. 
  • Complex care coordination across health, housing, treatment, employment and benefits systems. 
  • Tailored interventions, support in self-management and goal setting, and crisis response. 

We accept referrals from any provider whose patient may be a good fit for our services. To be eligible, a patient must:

  • Be experiencing homelessness or living in an environment that does not foster recuperation.
  • Have a medical condition that needs follow-up care but is likely to resolve or stabilize in two to six weeks.
  • Be able to manage daily activities independently.
  • Be able to keep and administer their own medication.
  • Be able to move about independently, with or without an assistive device.

RCP accepts patients with many different conditions and needs, including: 

  • Home oxygen 
  • Wheelchairs 
  • Wound care with follow up by home health or other wound care expert based on care plan established prior to RCP admission. 
  • Acute and chronic pain with care plan established prior to admission to RCP.

Referral & Insurance Information

Referral to RCP originates from a hospital or outpatient community health setting. Our case managers are well versed in insurance arrangements, hospital partnerships, and funding pathways.

Please call (503) 517-0321 to make a referral or for insurance details.

Download RCP Fact Sheet

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