Blackburn Center: Recuperative Care

12133 E Burnside St.
Portland, OR, 97216
Phone: 503-517-0321
Fax: 503-243-2044


Office hours:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Since 2005, CCC’s Recuperative Care Program has given thousands of homeless or low-income patients a safe place to recover after serious illnesses — and a pathway to stability when they are ready to take the next step.

By providing immediate access to respite housing, health care and intensive case management, we help at-risk patients regain their health and avoid being discharged from the hospital into shelters or onto the street.



We offer many avenues of support for CCC’s most vulnerable clients. Participants receive:

  • Patient-centered, trauma-informed case management, including daily monitoring.
  • Secure respite housing in an ADA-accessible dorm or single room.
  • Primary care, immediately and extending beyond clients’ stay in respite housing.
  • Basic necessities such as personal hygiene supplies, clothing and weekly food boxes.
  • Dedicated access to health care, housing and employment services at CCC’s Blackburn Center.
  • Case management for complex needs across health care, housing, treatment, employment and benefits systems.
  • Tailored interventions and guidance on self-management, goal-setting and access to resources.
  • Support in making and keeping appointments with CCC and non-CCC health care providers, including transportation.
  • Access to treatment for substance use disorders, hepatitis C and specialized mental health care.
  • Transition planning.

How to access care

We accept referrals from any provider whose patient may be a good fit for our services. To be eligible, a patient must:

  • Be experiencing homelessness or living in an environment that does not foster recuperation, such as lack of electricity or running water.
  • Have a medical condition that needs follow-up care but is likely to resolve or stabilize in two to six weeks.
  • Be able to manage daily activities independently.
  • Be able to keep and administer their own medication.
  • Be able to move about independently, with or without an assistive device.

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Insurance information

Our case managers are well versed in the various insurance arrangements, hospital partnerships and pathways to funding for recuperative care. Please call us at 503-517-0321 for details.


COVID-19 safety

Our facilities are clean and safe for inpatient care. Learn more about our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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