Mobile Health

Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Holiday Hours

To learn where the Mobile Health teams will be within the community, contact our Program Manager, Adrienne Croskey, at (971) 901-8920.

A new “front door” to health care opens to those experiencing homelessness.

The Mobile Health program, launched in 2023, addresses the need to improve health equity and access to care by delivering culturally responsive, trauma-informed and patient-centered care to the unhoused population in a mobile setting.

We’ve partnered with Medical Teams International (MTI) to move the front door of traditional health care, making it easier to offer services in a mobile setting. CCC now offers a range of expanded primary care which includes behavioral health care, improving access to services and housing resources, while MTI offers dental services.  

In early 2024, our two large, custom-made vans arrived, allowing our teams to directly provide wound care, physical exams, infectious disease screening, vaccinations, and medications.

CCC operates two teams, each staffed with a combination of roles including a Primary Care Provider (Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Naturopathic Doctor), behavioral health specialist, and a community health outreach worker. 

Our teams bring equitable health care to the unhoused population in: 

  • Sanctioned camps
  • Unsanctioned camps
  • Congregate shelters
  • Motel shelters
  • Day centers

One Journey – Three Levels of Service

In consideration of barriers both observed and reported, we’ve defined three levels of service, not necessarily as standalone services, but as part of a larger journey in establishing or rebuilding trust while bringing care to our neighbors.

Goodwill (level 1) maroon arrow pointing right


  • Demonstrating presence 
  • Developing trust 
  • Humanizing 


  • Friendly conversation and/or trust-building conversation 
  • Distributing naloxone and/or harm reduction kits 
  • Giving survival items

Basic (level 2) maroon arrow pointing right


  • Low-barrier assistance 
  • Further development of trust 


  • Visual assessment of wounds 
  • Answering general medical questions 
  • Answering questions about or assisting with the Oregon Health Plan (and similar) 
  • Non-medical follow-up 
  • Care coordination

Comprehensive (level 3) maroon arrow pointing right


  • Health care delivery 


  • Gathering medical history 
  • Hands-on medical examination 
  • Medical procedure or hands-on care 
  • Medication prescribing 
  • Vaccination

Access Mobile Health Services

Mobile Health operates Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

To learn where the Mobile Health teams will be within the community, contact our Program Manager, Adrienne Croskey, at (971) 901-8920. 

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