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Women’s History Month at CCC: The Best Parts

Friday, March 18, 2022

Welcome to week 3 of our Women’s History Month series.  March is Women’s History Month, commemorating the vital contributions women make to history, culture and society., To celebrate, we’re honoring some of the amazing women who have worked with CCC for 12 years or longer. Some of these women have worked at CCC more than 25 years! We thought you’d like to get to know them a little better. We posed a series of questions to them about their early days at CCC, favorite memories, and more. Each week, we’ll share one or more of the questions we asked along with our participants’ answers. 

This week, we asked these women to recall some of their favorite memories from their years at CCC. The women recall the moments where they found their voice in opportunities to create, collaborate and advocate while also having some fun with donuts and dressing in drag. They also shared the most rewarding parts of their jobs at CCC. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your work at CCC? 

Linda Hudson: Supporting others to become what they desire is most rewarding to me. Mentoring staff and being a role model in my community through the work I do at CCC and beyond. 

Vivian Lackey: I love watching the outcomes of people from homeless to housed and employed! Hearing our employees celebrate their customers completing training and or getting career-track employment and the huge difference you see in their eyes and face. A look of believing in themselves and self-confidence in their abilities. 

Maria Rivera-Moodt: When we get it right, you invest your positivity in our clients, tenants and outside agencies to do the best job we can to better their situations and remove as many barriers to get them housed and keep them housed. It is wonderful and rewarding to see someone appreciate our properties and the work we all do.   

E.V. Armitage: I knew very little about homelessness, recovery, affordable housing or any of CCC’s services when I started working here. I feel like by working at CCC I’m part of the solution. My work is behind the scenes, helping keep CCC running, not directly helping people, but I know that miracles happen every day because of what CCC does and that is very rewarding.   

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at CCC? 

Linda Hudson: My favorite memories are being asked to be a part of the group that created the Imani Center and when HR allowed me to help create and implement not one but two African American Town Halls. 

Vivian Lackey: My favorite memory is the Extravaganza picnics! I also assisted with planning a few of those. We have had so many good times, themes, and fun. I cannot wait until we can do these again. Raffles, kickball, tug of war, we even did a drag race one time. This entailed dressing in lovely drag and running bases in heels, pumps and boas. It was hard to get everyone to join though, so we decided to end that challenge. We have had cultural themes, sometimes booths to share what each program offered, music of some sort either a DJ or our Native drummers. Most of all really good food and a dessert contest. 

Maria Rivera-Moodt: I loved when the housing staff was invited to join the business enterprise department (which was located where Supportive Services is now housed) for breakfast. It included all the janitors, maintenance, painters, supportive housing staff and housing department. It felt good to break bread with others that understood what we are all about. 

E.V. Armitage: For CCC’s 40th anniversary in 2019, we had a public celebration in the North Park Blocks with live music, free Voodoo Doughnuts in CCC colors, and amazing longtime CCC employee Vi Swiftcloud telling her story. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful party celebrating CCC.   

Leslie Tallyn: One of my favorite memories of working at CCC is of sitting in a meeting with a group of leaders who were trying to solve an operational problem, and one of my colleagues said at the end of the meeting, “I just realized that everyone at the table is a woman.” I hadn’t even realized it until she said something, because that’s not an uncommon situation here—being surrounded by and working in partnership with brilliant, tough, hardworking women. It’s something I really value about CCC. 

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