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CCC Opens New Supportive Housing Building

Thứ Ba, Tháng Sáu 29, 2021

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CCC’s newest affordable housing xây dựngCedar Commons, is open! Located at SE 115thứ tự and SE Division, Cedar Commons is our first development offering clinical services and supports for people facing unique and complex mental health needs.

Services shaped by client insights

Like so many of our services and programs, the voices of our clients experiencing homelessness informed the service delivery model tại Cedar Commons. As we designed services, we reached out to our clients to learn more about what they wanted to see in the building. What resources are important? How do they want to interact with staff?  

Here’s what we heard:

  • Supportive onsite staff: Clients want to know who to turn to with questions so residents don’t feel alone. 
  • Community-building: Clients want to feel part of the larger community, with the opportunity to contribute their individual talents and skills. 
  • Transparency: Relapse may happen. Openly acknowledge this and remove the fear that seeking support might result in discharge or eviction. 
  • Onsite services and resources: Providing services such as case management, peer support, food, transportation assistance and classes are critical. 
  • Introductions: Clients want to be able to introduce themselves when they move into their new home. It’s important for folks to feel welcome and comfortable when they first arrive, and made aware of all available services and resources. 
Interior community space inside Cedar Commons.
Cedar Commons has multiple community-oriented areas throughout the building where residents can connect with one another as well as staff.
Exterior shot of Cedar Commons.
Cedar Commons has communal gardening boxes for residents to flex their green thumbs.

Team-based service delivery model

Based on client survey findings, CCC has placed an onsite team made up of two Qualified Mental Health Professionals, a Peer Support Specialist and a Case Manager to respond and design a customized service model guided by principles of trauma-informed care. Holistic supports will be in place for our staff as well, keeping them motivated as they take this journey with residents. We expect Cedar Commons will inform current and future program development across CCC housing. 

Cedar Commons is about hope, healing and coming home. We’re so grateful to all who will call Cedar Commons home, and our turn-key partner Related NW.

Download the project fact sheet

Combining affordable housing with wraparound services to ending homelessness. Please consider making a donation to Central City Concern to support our work.

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