b'Consolidated Statement of ActivityYear ended June 30, 2020Revenues and SupportHealth and Chemical Dependency Services$50,822,272Contract and Government Funding35,458,656 Donations, Grants and Special Events3,938,782Rental Income6,207,023 Management and Development Fees2,148,646 Social Enterprises457,494 Interest Income322,095 Other Income341,333Net Revenue and Support$ 99,696,301Operating ExpensesHealth and Recovery$51,694,595 Supportive Housing10,114,927 Housing Management12,006,004Employment and Social Enterprises6,938,314Administration14,005,933 Fundraising471,484 Total Operating Expenses$95,231,257 Excess of Revenues and Support$4,465,044 Over Operating Expenses Non-Operating ActivitiesCapital Grants$3,476,927Change in Value of Interest Rate Swaps(246,462)Transactions with Managed Limited Partnerships2,709,224 Equity in Net Loss of Limited Partnership(453) Net Gain on Partnership Transfers 2,810,217Change in Net Assets$ 13,214,497Net Assets, Beginning of Year $ 124,531,327 Net Assets, End of Year$ 137,745,824 Note: This information was derived from audited financial statements of which are available upon request.'