b'Consolidated Statement of ActivityYear ended June 30, 2020 (Unaudited)Unrestricted Revenues and SupportHealth and Chemical Dependency Services$47,891,999 Contract and Government Funding34,727,239 Donations, Grants and Special Events2,842,287 Rental Income6,595,259 Management and Development Fees1,598,646 Social Enterprises271,575 Interest322,095 Other565,08794,814,186 Net Assets Released from Restrictions543,919 Net Revenue And Support$95,358,105 Operating ExpensesHealth and Recovery$57,741,211 Supportive Housing13,052,879 Housing Management5,624,080 Employment and Social Enterprises7,335,275 Administration6,240,810 Fundraising957,979 Total Operating Expenses$90,952,233 Excess of Revenues and Support$4,405,872 Over Operating ExpensesNon-Operating ActivitiesCapital Grants$3,476,927 Change in Value of Interest Rate Swaps(246,462)Transactions with Limited Partnerships2,013,911 Net Gain in Partnership Transfers2,810,217 Change in Net Assets12,460,465 Net Assets, Beginning of Year124,531,327 Net Assets, End of Year$136,991,792'