b'HOMESPushing Back Against HomelessnessEveryone in Portland needs a place to callWhen I take home. Yet the gap between rents and incomes continues to widen, particularlythese resources, for people living on the edge. In 2020, ourI know how economy pushed people into homelessnessmuch it means faster than we were able to help. Deep racialfor it to come disparities in access to housing persisted,back to me.and more people reported being chronicallyI needed the homeless and struggling with a disability.help, and itLayered on top was the COVID-19 pandemic,was there. bringing record high unemployment and lost wages for many Oregonians.CELESTECombined, these factors made it challenging for many residents living in CCC housing to meet basic needs. CCC responded quickly to keep our clients housed and healthy, including: Delivering food, medicine and resources to CCC residentswho needed to quarantine or isolate. Bringing phones and laptops to residents for virtual healthcare and recovery appointments.Offering onsite COVID-19 testing at multiple buildings. Providing rent assistance to nearly 300 clients so theycould stay safely housed, even if they lost wages.Along with our donors, CCC is grateful to have played a part in preventing homelessness in the face of unprecedented hardship.'