b'READ MOREHEALTH & RECOVERYAs the only source of life-saving health care for many of our clients, CCC could not stop our work during the pandemic. In 2020, CCC facilitated 24,337 phone and video appointments, providing uninterrupted health care, recovery support and mental health services to our clients. Looking forward, phone and video services will facilitate more responsive and adaptive client centered care.Overcoming BarriersFor our clients, unreliable access to technology proved a major barrier to using phone and video appointments. In addition to providing cell phones to many of our most vulnerable clients, CCC partnered with Enli Health to develop free-standing soundproof booths equipped with laptops. Now installed in eight of our housing buildings, these WebPods offer a clean, calming and private space where residents can meet virtually with their providers, recovery coaches and more.CCC went from zero to 1,000 phone andCCCs unique WebPods offered video appointments in just one week atprivate space and technology the start of the pandemic. access for clients during COVID-19.'