b'HEALTH & RECOVERYSame-Day Accessto RecoveryCCC kept the doors open around the clock at Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center and Letty Owings Center, with strict infection prevention procedures in place. These inpatient facilities provide safe, compassionate care for individuals new to recovery, and they are often the only option for low-income and homeless Portlanders. These facilities were more important than ever during the pandemic, which triggered a surge in substance use, relapse and overdose, as well as challenges for those currently in recovery. CCCs medical providers and recovery staff responded with creativity and innovation, providing uninterrupted care and access to treatment. One action CCC took was offering same-day access to treatment for opioid use disorder, including virtual appointments. And CCC expanded medication supported recovery across the agency. This evidence-based approach offers carefully managed medications like buprenorphine, in concert with behavioral treatment, mental health services and group support, to help individuals recover more successfully from opioid addiction. In 2020, out of 4,510 clients diagnosed with opioid use disorder, nearly half chose medicationas a component of their recovery.'