b'OUR FINANCIAL HEALTHLike many organizations, CCC navigated an unprecedented year in 2020, managing a variety of challenges including the global COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires and extraordinary socioeconomic unrest. Despite these challenges, CCC maintained financial stability and our level of service delivery.Maintaining fiscal responsibility and financial health are critical to sustaining the work and community impact that has been our focus since 1979. We will continue to leverage funding sources from federal, state and local levels. But we also rely on support from our partners and generous donors to help us navigate the current environment and improve the health and wellbeing of the entire community. We are especially grateful for donor support of our COVID-19 Response Fund and Rent Assistance Fund. Combined, these funds allowed us to continue to deliver care despite many challenges, including higher costs, more intensive medical services, increased uncompensated care, and increased cleaning and safety protocols. As affordable housing continued to be in short supply, rent assistance helped ensure the economic impact of COVID-19 didnt derail our clients hard work in achieving self-sufficiency, health and housing.As we navigate our fifth decade of providing critical services to our community, we will continue to invest our resources, reserves and hearts into our mission.Looptworks, a Portland sustainable apparel company, was one of the first organizations to donate hundreds of cloth masks.'