b'OUR COMMITMENT TOANTI-RACISMAdvocating for ChangeIn the wake of the murder of George Floydby police in Minneapolis and the resulting uprisings across the country, many Black communities and communities of color experienced an intense time of collective trauma. But COVID-19 posed significant barriers to providing spaces for Black, Indigenous and people of color to reflect on their experiences and share support. For CCCs Flip the Script (FTS) team and their clients, this was a critical need. FTS serves Black men and women recently released from prison by providing access to housing, health care, employment and culturally specific peer support. The FTS team quickly took action through online discussions and physically distanced gatherings where clients could share their anger, fear, frustration and hurt. We all needed to let the steam out of the pot, says Advocacy CoordinatorBilly Anfield. Words led to action. FTS clients identified issues important to them and developed a policy agenda that includes opposing police violence, increasing access to housing for people with criminal records, improving mental health and substance use disorder treatment after release from prison and establishing culturally responsive parole supervision. They met with city commissioners, district attorneys, senators and others. FTS sees change on the horizon and is poised to lead it. In 2020, FTS served 78 individuals and became a Bank of America Neighborhood Builders awardee, receiving $200,000 in flexible funding, a year of leadership training and access to a network of peer organizations across the US.'