Wherever you are on your journey toward housing, health, recovery or finding a job, we’re here to help.

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Care Without Judgment

Central City Concern has served the Portland community for more than 40 years with compassionate, judgment-free care. Our housing communities aren’t just places to call home — you’ll also find supportive staff and resources to help you move forward. Our clinics deliver high-quality, evidence-based health care, with an emphasis on primary care, mental health services and addiction recovery. And our employment services can connect you to tools, training and job opportunities to help you reach your goals.

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

CCC got me off the streets and helped me put my life back on track.

Central City Concern resident.

I think CCC is the best place I’ve ever come for mental health and primary care! Thank you for the great service.

Old Town Clinic patient.

So much support. Understanding and encouragement. Personalized for my employment needs.

Employment Access Center client.

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История Селесты

Когда Селеста впервые пришла в CCC, она была беременна, бездомна и искала все, что нужно для начала. Наши комплексные услуги помогли ей получить опеку над своим сыном, найти работу и остаться трезвой - поэтому, когда COVID-19 снова поставил ее в уязвимое положение, она знала, что есть люди, которые могут помочь ей понять, что делать.

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