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Real Heroes of CCC

Среда, Июнь 23, 2021

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We couldn’t be prouder. 

Two incredible CCC staff members, Ricardo Verdeguez and Lois Patterson, have received the Homeless Alcohol and Drug Intervention Network (HADIN) Award. HADIN is a network of local recovery and mental health providers, and CCC is proud to be a member alongside organizations such as Transition Projects, Legacy Health, De Paul Treatment Centers, Providence and CareOregon. Each year, HADIN members nominate peers who have worked for more than 10 years in service of people who are homeless and struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.  

Ricardo and Lois embody the qualities of HADIN awardees. Both show up with kindness every day, doing all they can to support those moving towards a positive path in life. Caring comes naturally; service is part of their DNA. And their work goes above and beyond expectations. Their compassion is evident in the work they do, setting them apart as role models in our community.  

“I nominated Ricardo, and I don’t think there wasn’t one vote that didn’t go his way,” says Tammie Jones, Domestic Violence Case Manager, State of Oregon. “He is truly what the HADIN award represents. I am honored to work with him and appreciative of his holistic approach to helping his clients and the families that are affected by the addiction.” 

We thought you might want to get know Ricardo and Lois a little better. So, we posed a few questions to them.  

What does it mean to you to receive this award?

Ricardo: I am very honored to receive this award.

Lois: Since I started in 2006, I put an emphasis on compassion that could be lacking in the intake process. My philosophy is to see my clients, listen to them, and help them see their worth. This award represents recognition of the values I hoped to bring to the client experience for the last 15 years.

What’s one small thing anyone can do to help people struggling with addiction or mental health challenges?

Ricardo: [Focus on] self-care for yourself and listen to people with addiction and mental health-related issues.

Lois: The most important thing anybody can do is see and listen to people who may be in crisis. All too often, they feel like they are alone or have no options, sometimes it takes just one person to make them see that there are opportunities.

What’s one thing people may not know about you?

Ricardo: I love to dance!

Lois: I was a professional singer for 15 years. I had a 3 ½ octave range! I was an Oregon State soloist and sang everything from opera (lyric soprano) to rock n’ roll.

About Ricardo

Ricardo is a bilingual Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor as well as a Certified Recovery Mentor and has been with CCC for 11 years. He provides substance use disorder treatment support to the Spanish-speaking community through our Пуэнтес program. He’s well-known at CCC for always going far and beyond in supporting our clients as well as CCC staff who serve Spanish-speakers and Latinx community members.  He’s originally from Cuba and always brings his Caribbean energy and love to everyone around him.

Ricardo Vergeguez holds his HADIN award.

About Lois

Hailing from Oregon, Lois is a Lead Occupancy Specialist in CCC’s Корпус Administration Department and has been with CCC for nearly 15 years. Her emphasis has always been on compassion in the intake processall the way through to когда а client signs their lease. She’s grounded in listening to her clients and helping them see their own worth. Она made a promise to her higher power к continue this work as long as she’s able. 

Lois Patterson holds her HADIN award.

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