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Eight CCC Staff Named Portland’s Top Medical Providers

lunes, enero 30, 2023

CCC is proud to call many of our providers some of the best in the city. In the state. In the country. 

But don’t take our word for it. 

This year, eight of our providers have been ranked by their own colleagues as some of the best health care providers in the Portland metropolitan region according to Portland Monthly’s Top Doctors, Nurses and More 2023 Survey. 

For the past 19 years, Portland Monthly has conducted this informal peer survey across a range of medical providers. It’s kind of personal as they ask their colleagues, “Who would you want to have looking out for your family’s health? To whom would you turn if you got sick?” It’s a big deal if your name shows up on this list. It’s an even BIGGER deal that eight of the top vote-getters work for CCC. How about the fact some of these providers are two-peat and three-peat winners?  

Somehow, we’re not surprised. 

We thought you might want to get know some of the top providers in our region just a little bit better. So, we posed a few questions to the group. We also asked them what they love about our city. We know our city has been facing challenges lately. We want to share the best parts of their interviews with you.  

We thank each of them for their service to our community. CCC is honored to have them on our staff, providing compassionate care for our clients and patients. 

Nuestros principales proveedores son: 

Lydia Anne M Bartholow, DNP, PMHNP, CARN-AP, Associate Medical Director for Substance Use Disorder Services
Pat Buckley, PA-C, ND, WCC, Associate Medical Director, Old Town Clinic
Natalie Freitas, MD, Old Town Clinic
Calli Helldobler, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Carissa Marston, PA-C, Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center
Sarah Spears, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Amanda Risser, MD, Senior Medical Director of Substance Use Disorder Services
Elijah Smith, MD (pictured with Triscuit), Primary Care Provider



Why did you choose to work at CCC? 

“I started at CCC as a graduate student. I quickly grew to love the work and the team, so I never left.”  Calli Helldobler 

“The ability to work on strong interprofessional teams to make a difference serving some of our city’s most vulnerable clients.” Sarah Spears 

“I was interested in the leadership opportunity – to be able to support our organization by leading the Substance Use Disorder service line is an honor and privilege and allows me to participate in setting local and regional clinical standards and advocating for our mission.” Amanda Risser 

“As a resident, I was able to do part of my training at Old Town Clinic and through this experience developed a love for the patients, staff, care model and culture at Old Town Clinic.” Natalie Freitas 

“I went into medicine to practice primary care, and I can think of no better place.” Elijah Smith 

What’s the most rewarding part of your work? 

“When my clients show up with their authentic selves and trust me enough to be a part of their lives.  It’s an added bonus to share and receive appreciation from my amazing colleagues who share this work with me.” Sarah Spears 

“The most rewarding part of my work is celebrating all levels of success with our patients – from making it to Hooper by 7:30 a.m. for detox admission to safer/reduced/lack of substance use to securing employment and housing. I exclaim, ‘That’s amazing!’ often because our folks are.” Carissa Marston

“…The folks we serve are amazing and I feel so privileged to be part of their lives.” Amanda Risser 

“I love that I get to meet people exactly where they are and work creatively to find solutions that will, ideally, help improve their quality of life.” Pat Buckley 

What are the greatest challenges facing the folks you work with? 

“The greatest challenge to my clients is affordable, safe housing — as the housing crisis in Portland has grown, the most vulnerable citizens are the most likely to be left houseless.” Lydia Anne M Bartholow 

“We’re trying to do our best working within often long broken systems. The pandemic has really highlighted the lack of resources that impact the day to day lives of our clients.” Sarah Spears 

“Stigma and systemic barriers that get in the way of interventions that we know will improve their lives.”  Amanda Risser 

“Honestly, there are so many challenges. The primary issue that I see is access to housing. That is especially true in this market. In addition, many of our folks would really benefit from permanent supportive housing. One of the clinics where I work provides transitional supportive housing and there is a marked difference in outcomes when those supports are in place and utilized!" Pat Buckley 

What are your hopes for the future of CCC? 

“I hope that CCC will continue to build client centered clinical services that are trauma informed and nationally recognized as the exceptional services that they are.” Lydia Anne M Bartholow 

“I hope CCC is able to secure the funding we need to improve comprehensive service delivery for vulnerable folks and to support our employees in doing this very difficult, very important work.” Calli Helldobler 

“I hope we can expand housing opportunities for our clients.” Elijah Smith 

“Ongoing efforts to continue providing coordinated, multi-disciplinary care with more robust resources to support outreach services and housing programs.”  Natalie Freitas 

“…I hope for CCC to be a leader in recruiting, retaining, and investing in the compassionate, diverse, and mission-driven folks that this work attracts. As we watch our healthcare and social service systems struggle with this on local and national levels, we need examples of how to overcome the status quo that has led us here.” Carissa Marston

What’s your favorite thing about Portland? 

“There’s truly so much.  All the opportunities for the arts and music, relatively mild seasonal changes compared to the rest of the country while still having seasons, being amongst so many peers with similar views on social justice and harm reduction.” Sarah Spears 

“My favorite thing about Portland is my community. I have immense gratitude for the gift of such an unwaveringly supportive, determined, courageous, and fun-loving chosen family.” Carissa Marston

“…I love being able to get to the mountain and to the coast in the same weekend. I love jumping into the Willamette after work in the summer. I love that I have so many deep connections and life-long friendships here.” Amanda Risser 

“The view of Mt. Hood from the Hayden Island bridge on my way to work.” Elijah Smith 

¿Qué haces para divertirte cuando no estás trabajando? 

“Fun is my self-care! I spend time in the woods looking for wild mushrooms and foods with my family, including our pit bull and chihuahua.” Lydia Anne M Bartholow 

“I love birding. Also camping, hiking, gardening, being an aunt, and hanging with my cats.” Calli Helldobler 

“Running, playing D&D with my family, photography, and getting my oxytocin fix with my pets.” Sarah Spears 

“…Most recently I’ve taken up snowboarding and can be found trying not to become someone else’s patient while on Mt. Hood.” Carissa Marston

“I love to travel and go hiking!" Pat Buckley 

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