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Women’s History Month at CCC: First Days

Пятница, Март 4, 2022

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating the vital contributions women make to history, culture and society. To celebrate, we’re honoring some of the amazing women who have worked with CCC for 12 years or longer. Some of these women have worked at CCC for more than 25 years! We thought you’d like to get to know them a little better. We posed a series of questions to them about their early days at CCC, favorite memories and more. Each week, we’ll share one or more of the questions we asked along with our participants’ answers.

This week, we asked the women to tell us about their career trajectory at CCC. The women recall their first days, first impressions and first roles that led them to fruitful careers at CCC. 

Linda Hudson: I began working at Хупер Детокс in 2010 as a clinical supervisor for the subacute counselors.  I remember touring Hooper with Barb Sander and thinking, «this appears to be a wonderful place for clients to detox with dignity and compassion.  The staff was so kind and the place felt comforting.  I remember telling one of my co-workers (Kim White) “I have found a home at CCC and this is where I want to retire.” 

Vivian Lackey: I started at CCC in 2009 as an on-call treatment assistant at the Летти Оуингс Центр. I was 12 years sober in recovery from alcoholism. I made a complete career change from working in mortgage banking because I wanted to work in a field to help folks in treatment from addiction. I wanted to help women most of all.  I had not accessed CCC services for treatment, but I knew many people who had.  This was like my dream job! Within a year, a full-time case manager position opened at Letty Owings and I applied. It was a big competition for that position. I studied all things on the internet about case management and practiced interview questions with my family. I got the job three interviews later. I got to take ladies to family court, report how they were doing in treatment and advocate for the child to be returned to their mother at Letty Owings. I took those moms to appointments and DHS meetings and helped them make medical and dental appointments. All of the things they needed to help put their lives back into balance after addiction. I called it “taking care of business.” I loved that job so much. During car rides or before a scary court hearing I got to encourage, prepare and support those women in getting their lives back. After a few years, I decided to go to college and get an education in human services management. I was not interested in becoming a counselor, I knew I wanted to remain a part of the helping our recovering populations and grow at CCC. 

Maria Rivera-Moodt: My first couple of days at CCC were active learning where all the properties were located. At that time, we only had two property managers and one senior property manager. It felt like I was home very quickly. Everyone was so polite and friendly. 

E.V. Armitage: I started at CCC in February 1997 as an administrative assistant. I had been working in admin positions and wanted to work in the nonprofit sector. What started as an entry-level job has become my career. At CCC, people were friendly and welcoming, and I felt like I had landed in the right place.  CCC was much smaller then, pagers were the communication technology of the day, and the receptionist took phone messages for people on paper memo pads. The admin office was located in what is now the Employment Access Center space on 2nd and Burnside and La Patisserie and Alexis, both long gone, were favorite places to have breakfast or lunch meetings.  I was office manager for a few years and then moved into my current position, executive coordinator, supporting the CEO, the leadership team, the board and various other things I seem to have taken on over 25 years.   

Leslie Tallyn: I came to CCC in 2009 to help develop the organization’s quality program. In 2014, I moved into health services operations, and in late 2019, I transitioned back to the quality department—my first love. My most vivid memories of my early days at CCC are all centered around my incredible colleagues—including a lot of amazing women, many of whom are still here—and getting to know the vibrant Old Town neighborhood. I really fell in love with the community.  

Achieving Central City Concern’s mission would be impossible without dedicated, compassionate people. Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page to learn more.

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