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Hope Restored: Casey Culley honored by Outside the Frame

Thứ Sáu, Tháng Chín 17, 2021

It’s not unusual to run into incredible people at CCC. Honestly, it happens quite often. 

Our staff go about their work quietly every day. Not asking for much. But giving a herculean effort. If you talk to almost anyone at CCC about why they do this work, you’ll hear things like, “I’ve walked on the same path as the clients we serve – everyone deserves a second chance.” or “CCC changed my life. I’m here to help change lives.” 

They are incredibly special people. Casey Culley, pictured above with his father, is one of them. 

It’s not just us who think so. A Lifetime of Achievement in a single year award is being given to Casey Culley, Community Health Outreach Worker at CCC, by Outside the Frame for his outstanding and compassionate work with those experiencing homelessness in our community.

On Thursday, September 30, Outside the Frame, a nonprofit organization that trains homeless and marginalized youth to be directors of their own films and lives, will premiere “Riders in the Storm” at the Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland. Tickets range from free to $72 and can be purchased đây. All proceeds go to support Outside the Frame. 

This screening features a variety of short films: music videos about the Movement for Black Lives featuring Mic Crenshaw and the Oregon Symphony, documentaries about grassroots, government, and healthcare efforts during COVID, and more. 

Chúng tôi couldn’t be prouder or more excited for Casey! And we thought you’d like to learn a little more about him. 

How long have you been with CCC?  

5 years  

What drew you to this work?   

I entered as a client. Broken, life unmanageable and hopeless. I had a few all-stars on my journey I will never forget, I wanted to be one of those all-stars. Working with folks who’re at where I once was and being that one person who believed in them and cared is priceless. When you can see hope restored and the person who believes in themselves is one of my favorite parts of this work! 

What does it mean to you to receive this award?   

It’s a tremendous honor!  Everyday my goal is suit up, show up and help change and save lives. The focus is always on the folks we serve and making a difference. Recognition for what we’re so passionate about doing just affirms we’re making that difference. 

What’s one small thing anyone can do to help people struggling with mental health, addiction challenges or homeless challenges?   

Be human, be kind. Everyone comes from somewhere and means something to someone!   

What’s one thing people may not know about you?  

I’m living a life I never imagined was possible and am grateful for every step I took to get there!!

Congratulations Casey! CCC – and Portland – are lucky and grateful to have you! 

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